March 24 2014 Monday at 08:10 AM

Advanced Stanchions Rolls into Buffalo Motorama 2014

This past weekend, a few members from our Stanchion Team attended Buffalo Motorama, hosted by the Buffalo Niagara Convention Center.  If you are an enthusiast of anything with an engine, crafted in the USA ingenuity, or some of the craziest stanchion setups you've ever seen, then this is an event for you.  As you may imagine, our Stanchion Team was most interested in checking out the displays and how the exhibitors incorporated various equipment into the aesthetic of their display while also maintaining a barrier to prevent visitors from getting closer than they should to the vehicle(s).  We've put a photos below, but to see more, check out our Instagram page:

Car Display Posts and Ropes | Advanced StanchionsCar Display Posts and Ropes | Advanced Stanchions   Car Display Posts and Ropes | Advanced Stanchions

These three photos were some of our earliest views at the show...and they were a bit concerning!  In the case of the classic cars on the left, many exhibitors displayed their cars along with photos or stories of how long it took to build these.  It was amazing to see, in person, the culmination of years of passion, dedication, and monetary commitment on display.  But then when it came time to display these vehicles that costs hours and thousands of dollars, what was used?  Plastic posts...chains...homemade pvc posts.  It was an interesting juxtaposition from our perspective, to say the least.

Car Display Retractable Belt Posts | Advanced Stanchions    Car Display Retractable Belt Posts | Advanced Stanchions   Car Display Posts and Ropes | Advanced Stanchions

  Now here we moved on to some other displays that integrated the traditional posts and ropes or retractable belt barriers into their display.  These looked a little sharper overall and there wasn't such a disparity in quality between the objects on display and the objects used to display them.  We did observe that the display on the far left was using imported stanchions, with concrete-filled bases.  Depending on how often this exhibitor transports those or takes his vehicle to other shows, those bases will corrode and break over time.  The chrome stanchions we see next are older Tensabarrier posts.  What happened to the post by the haystack?  This exhibitor should check out the Roof-Drop Test video  and see why next time he should use Retracta-Belt.  Lastly, those flat top posts and ropes look really sharp in this display.  Our only suggestion would be to take the drop up more.  Those were hanging around 8-10", but the display really only needed a 3'4" drop.  (Not in the photo, but the other part of the display was finished off with metal tube posts and twine because there were not enough posts and ropes left....had they used a 3'4" drop, there would have been enough to go around).

Overall, it was a great show and we applaud each and every exhibitor for displaying his or her vehicle(s).  Stanchions and ropes (or whatever some of those contraptions were) aside, the ingenuity and innovation used to craft these vehicles was undeniable.  We look forward to Buffalo Motorama 2015.  

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Visiontron Dual Line Post Flyer | Advanced Stanchions    Visiontron Queue-In-A-Box Flyer | Advanced Stanchions

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