March 28 2014 Friday at 12:33 PM

NEW Visiontron Plastic Filled Bases for Utility Posts

For stanchion enthusiasts, this may be the update to make your weekend...or at least provide you with the coolest GIF you will see all weekend.  Visiontron is proud to announced an expansion to its Retracta-Belt Utility line.  Aside from the Recycled Rubber Base option (about which you read last week), you may now order a Plastic Fillable Base for your Retracta-Belt PVC Utility Posts!  They are available in 10' Belts and 15' Belts.

For those of you already familiar with the Retracta-Belt Roof Drop Test video, prepare to be amazed again:

Visiontron Plastic Fillable Base | Advanced Stanchions

Yes, it is exactly what you think it is.  That is an SUV driving over Visiontron's Plastic Base.  No longer do you have to worry about breaking cheap plastic base stanchions on your construction site, at your venue, or at your outdoor event.  Visiontron now provides this durable Plastic Fillable Utility Base to fill all of your needs.

For more information, please call us at 844-831-8400 or email us at

Visiontron Utility Post Flyer 2014 | Advanced Stanchions        Visiontron Outdoor Products Flyer 2014 | Advanced Stanchions