April 12 2014 Saturday at 03:15 PM

Retracta-Belt Provides Unparalleled Value with Made in the USA Product Lines

The Stanchion Team at Advanced Stanchions is incredibly proud to work with Visiontron, a family owned and operated manufacturer, located right in the United States.  Visiontron is one of the few manufacturers within the crowd control and safety industries in North America to actually provide products that 100% designed and manufactured in the United States.  Most of Visiontron's products have this distinction and we proudly put their Made in the USA logo on these products for your reference:

Visiontron Made in the USA with Pride | Advanced StanchionsSo what does being Made in the USA mean to you?  There are many media programs and organizations out there that provide various implications of products being Made in the USA and their effects on our economy, society, etc.  We will leave those points of view and data for others to share.  The only reason Advanced Stanchions talks about Made in the USA is because it ADDS VALUE TO YOUR ORGANIZATION!  

Our Stanchion Team has experience with almost every type of stanchion you can find, and we assure you that Visiontron's Made in the USA products are most durable and reliable with the more variety of customization than any other products you will find.  To us, we understand that this "Made in the USA with Pride" is an indicator that every product with this label has been tested more than any other product you will find, it has been constructed with more attention to detail than any other product you find, and it will leave the warehouse with such quality control that you will not have to worry about opening up your order and finding damaged product.  

Our main goal is to provide our customers and our future customers with an incomparable service experience that goes beyond the standards and expectations of the industry.  Visiontron's Made in the USA products are one of many ways that we ensure our customers and future customers receive above and beyond service.

For more information about our Made in the USA products or to order for your organization, please call our Stanchion Team at 844-831-8400 or email us at info@advancedstanchions.com.