April 19 2014 Saturday at 09:50 AM

Solutions for Success: Visiontron Wall Mount Retracta-Belt

Our next installment in our "Solutions for Success" series focuses on a product line that is becoming continuously more present in major industrial settings.  Due to the always urgent need for safety in the workplace and compliance with OSHA standards, facilities involved with manufacturing, distribution, energy services, and many other sectors are turning to Visiontron's Wall Mount Retracta-Belt units.  The Premium Safety Wall Mount Units are the industry's leader in durability and adaptability to any organization's safety needs.  

Other wall mount barriers available online attempt to replicate the Retracta-Belt, but fall short and act as little more than a cheap cassette screwed onto a wall.  Just as your primary concern should be safety, Visiontron and Advanced Stanchions share the belief that by providing a durable, reliable, and adaptable product, we can provide the long-term safety that your organization needs.  These systems will help you avoid steep OSHA fines, increase your facility's awareness of safety issues, and most importantly, keep you, your colleagues, and those who visit your facility away from unsafe areas.

Visiontron's Premium Safety Wall Mount Units are designed and manufactured entirely in the United States as part of their Retracta-Belt product line.  As such, the highest standards of engineering design and quality control are held to these products.  Here are a few of the reasons why Visiontron Retracta-Belt wall mounts are the definitive choice for safety barriers in your workplace:

Wide Range of Lengths Available:

Not all customers' needs are identical and, quite often, there are environment-specific needs and restrictions.  Our Stanchions Team will work with you or your Project Coordinator to develop the best strategy for your safety needs.  Visiontron's Premium Wall Mount Retracta-Belts come standard in 10', 15', 20', 25', 30', 50', and 65' lengths.  So, regardless of your area's length, we have an Advanced Solution for you.

Since the Premium Wall Mount Retracta-Belt Series is designed and manufactured entirely at Visiontron's Long Island facility, we can often provide custom solutions based on your project's needs.Visiontron Wall Mount Retracta-Belt Closed for Cleaning Belt | Advanced Stanchions Visiontron Loading Bay Safety Belt Barrier Retracta-Belt | Advanced Stanchions

Variety of Mounting and Connection Options:

Visiontron Caution Do Not Enter Warehouse Safety Barrier | Advanced Stanchions Visiontron Warehouse Velcro Wall Mount Barrier | Advanced Stanchions


Being the most innovative product line in the industry, the Premium Wall Mount Retracta-Belts are available with a variety of mounting and connection options.  Not limited to the standard screw-in wall mount application, the Retracta-Belt product line has standard Magnetic, Velcro, and Hose Clamp mounts also available.  Not only that, but if your facility has a need for multiple mounting options, the Premium Wall Mount Retracta-Belt unit can be detached from a mount and used interchangeably throughout your facility among the other mounting options.  This saves your organization the unnecessary costs of time, labor, and capital associated with ordering other brands single application wall mount units.

For connectivity, the Retracta-Belt is not limited to standard plastic receiving ends screwed into a surface.  We can also provide suction cup belt ends, magnetic belt ends, and S-Clip belt ends for your facility's unique needs.

Customization Per Project:

Visiontron Recessed Wall Mount Retracta-Belt | Advanced Stanchions  FME Barrier Retracta-Belt | Advanced Stanchions

More often than not, you will want a custom message printed on your belt.  Although the simple presence of a bright-colored belt will draw the attention of passersby and make them aware that an area is off limits, by putting a custom message or logo on your belts, you will send a clearer, more assertive message.  

If your wall mounts are part of a safety project for your facility, then chances are there is industry-specific equipment or areas being blocked off.  Don't be vague, get the particular lexicon or verbiage that will convey the safest message for your facility.  We can custom print anything onto our belts and in any color, so you are not limited to the standard "Caution - Do Not Enter." 

If you are not using wall mounts for a safety project, we can still provide better options for your need than just standard belt colors or stripes.  Are you blocking off a restroom during cleaning?  Are you blocking off a register that is not available?  Are you setting up an area for a promotion or product roll out?  Our Stanchion Team will collaborate with you to help design the most effective means to convey your message, brand, or idea on our Premium Wall Mount Retracta-Belt units. 

Replacement Parts: 

Visiontron 412 Complete Replacement Assembly | Advanced Stanchions

As the most durable wall mount unit in the industry, the Premium Wall Mount Retracta-Belt will be a long-term presence at your facility.  This reliability and dependability help our Stanchion Team ensure that we are providing our customer and future customers with the above and beyond solutions and service that we all need to grow.  Still, all units are exposed to the day-to-day rigors of the workplace and end user interaction.  In the event that you need replacement components, we have those available so that you do not have to purchase an entirely new unit.

For more information

If you have any questions about the Visiontron Premium Wall Mount Retracta-Belt units or are working on a project, please call our Stanchion Team at 844-831-8400 or email us at info@advancedstanchions.com.