April 25 2014 Friday at 05:00 AM

Solutions for Success: Improve your Equipment's Value with Post N Panel Systems

Whether you are new to a role that requires you to know about, interact with, and purchase stanchions or you are an experienced Operations Manager, Marketing Manager, or Purchasing Agent, it is imperative that you know about Posts N Panel Systems.  We live in a rapidly evolving and changing society, and our concept of public venues has changed.

How many museums close each year because more and more information is accessible for free on the internet?  How many shopping malls and brick and mortar stores close each year because it is more convenient to go shopping online in your pajamas?  How many sporting organizations close, lose revenue, or have to struggle with keeping a team in town because more fans are watching the game on TV...or streaming it online?  Regardless of what industry you are in, I guarantee you technology has provided and will continue to provide reasons for yesterday's customers to take their money elsewhere.

But all hope is not lost!  There are still successful museums, shopping malls, and sporting organizations, and as long as venues remain on the cutting edge of innovation, there always will be.  What do these organizations do that others don't?  What do they do that YOU most likely are not doing?

These companies CREATE A MEMORABLE AND VALUABLE EXPERIENCE for their customers from the time they enter the parking lot, and when people leave these venues, they want to return.  Museums are integrating QR Technology and other interactive programs to get visitors involved with the exhibits.  The internet has its limits.  Shopping malls are adding top name restaurants, events, and stores so that customers have a reason to make a trip to the mall.  Sporting venues are creating more events and fan experiences to engage everyone from the casual game watcher to the die hard season ticket holder.

Experiential marketing is not limited to outside firms.  Experiential marketing, experiential customer service, and experiential sales are ideas you need to embrace 24/7 to keep your customers and future customers engaged.  These will cause them to return and refer your organization to others.  These will allow your organization to succeed.  Why do you think Walt Disney World has been able to raise their prices on numerous occasions since 2008 when everyone else was crying recession?

I digress.  What can you do to improve the quality of your facility and the value proposition of your organization to your customers?  Our Stanchion Team has many tips for improving the quality of your equipment, and with this "Solution for Success," we are focusing on the Post N Panel Systems.  These systems are able to improve your organization on many levels: Operations, Marketing, Security, Guest Services, Concessions, and just about any major department within your facility.  Below, we have included some of the top reasons why you should start talking with our Stanchion Team about these Made in the USA Posts N Panel Systems today.

1. Increase Your Revenue

Airport Concessions | Advanced Stanchions Arena Concessions | Advanced Stanchions

Your organization needs profit to survive.  Even if you are a Non-"Profit" Organization on the balance sheet, you still need cold hard revenue to keep your staff employed and the lights on above your head.  Companies know that you can protect profits by increasing revenue and lowering costs, and too often so much emphasis is put on the latter, that the former is ignored.  Our Post N Panel Systems offer two ways to improve your organization's revenue: Internally and Externally.

Internally, you can brand these with whatever message, promotion, sale prices, or call to action that you want.  Panels allow you to grab the attention of people who are already your customer or potential customer.  If you are a retail store, what will grab the attention of your customer and make him or her aware that you have a 2 for 1 sale, a 2" black belt or a 4 ft. panel with a huge message on there just challenging your customer to walk away from the sale?  If you are an athletic venue, I don't think your customers spent their last dollars on the entry ticket, but I will suppose that with well-placed branding they would be willing to loosen the wallet for some concessions or souvenirs.

Externally, you can sell the ad space!  Instead of permanently printing onto a panel material, we can also provide clear acrylics and other methods that enable you to change out your message as frequently as you would like.  This works great with internal marketing efforts, but also allows you to sell ad space to sponsors.  

Your increases in revenue will pay for the Post N Panel Systems and turn them into an additional source of profit for your team.


2. Create a High Quality Brand

Fraser Yachts Display Panels | Advanced Stanchions Fraser Yachts Outdoor Display Panels | Advanced Stanchions

You never get a second chance for a first impression.  When a customer is waiting in line at your checkout and sees floppy belts that have lost tension, scratched up posts, or leaning posts, do you think they would infer that you care about what your customer sees?  Treat your facility as you would your home, and create an environment into which your customers want to come and to which they will actually return.  Don't make visiting you a chore, make it an experience!

If you are an organization that attends trade shows, exhibitions, or other larger networking events to interact with potential clients, then consider the Post N Panel Systems.  These are efficient, easy-to-setup products for any display.  Available for outdoor projects, these will let your brand shine anywhere and at any time there are being used.


3. Provide Clear Information and Improved Security


For security, panels add an extra barrier of protection for your line or crowd management.  If you have ever waited in a long line, then you have seen someone duck under retractable belt barriers (perhaps you have yourself).  The panel systems create a more rigid boundary between customers and employees, customer and displays, or customer and customers.  Additionally, the ability to communicate directions and instructions increases greatly with panels because the surface is much larger than a typical 8.5" x 11" Sign Frame.  


The Post N Panel Systems are designed and manufactured here in the United States by Visiontron.  Although the panels perform best with Retracta-Belt stanchions, they are also compatible with many other stanchions, including those that you may have.

For more information about our Post N Panel Systems and how we can improve the value of your equipment, please contact the Stanchion Team at 844-831-8400 or email us at info@advancedstanchions.com.

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