April 29 2014 Tuesday at 05:00 AM

Solutions for Success: Visiontron Conventional Posts & Ropes Provide a True VIP Experience

We've spent most of our "Solutions for Success" series thus far discussing the Retracta-Belt Product Line and related solutions for modern facility managers.  With this article, we are going to provide the VIP treatment to our readers looking for a particular, stylish aesthetic.  The Conventional Post & Rope System is a mainstay in the hospitality industry.  Although often seen surrounding the most impressive of displays, a well-organized line of premium posts and ropes is in itself often an impressive display.

There is no need to explain when, where, or why one would use posts and ropes, for the answer is inherently expressed in the sheer elegance and classic style of these products.  The concepts of Very Important People, Red Carpet Extravaganzas, Prestigious Events, and Posts & Ropes are intertwined, perhaps forever.  "Conventional" posts and ropes is just what we say in the industry to distinguish these from retractable belt barriers, but in reality the names we often hear from our customers are the most suitable for these distinguished icons of the crowd control industry: VIP Ropes, Red Carpet Posts/Ropes, Event Ropes.

Although these posts and ropes do not often serve a pure queue control, crowd control, or security function, they are still incredibly relevant in night clubs, hotels, museums, displays, and any location at which you would like to create an elegant theme.

Okay, so you know what posts and ropes are, and our intent is not to continue on about how great they are or why you need them for your next big corporate event, commencement ceremony, house party, photo booth, or themed back yard barbecue.  Rather, this installment of "Solutions for Success" will focus on why the Visiontron Premium Posts and Premium Ropes are the most durable option in the industry and will provide you with the best long-term investment for your organization.


1. Better Materials Mean Better Durability


Visiontron's line of Premium Conventional Posts & Ropes is designed and manufactured right at its facility in Long Island, enabling to provide the utmost attention to quality control and engineering that will provide long-term durability.  As mentioned in the above video, Visiontron utilizes a wide variety of the most durable materials to manufacture its posts.  For instance, Visiontron's grade 304 stainless steel is highly rust-resistant compared to the grade 201 stainless steel used by other companies, the latter of which will rust within a matter of weeks or months.

What does this mean to you?  By investing in a more reliable post up front, you do not have to worry about replacing posts before you should have to do so.  Even if a company will replace your equipment for no charge, they cannot replace the time you will waste contacting them to make an exchange.  Even worse, no company can repair a negative first impression your customers may have if they see that your VIP post are less than perfect.

Avoid sunk costs, wasted time, and negative customer impact by choosing a durable product up front.  It will save you time, stress, and money in the long run.

2. Smoothest Finish and Heavy Duty Construction


Although most commonly used in the most elegant of settings, these posts are engineered to withstand the workload of a rugged, heavy duty environment.  The durable tie-rod construction of these posts consists of a full length center rod that keeps tension between the post cap and base to ensure that they will not loosen and fall apart over time.  The forged ring located at the top of each post accepts ropes from all directions and is, notably, smoother than the majority of the products being provided by import distributors.  

Next time you are near a conventional post, reach underneath the ring and feel the bottom of it.  Many low cost, low quality posts are not smooth on the bottom and consequently have a lip or edge at which point the curve from the top of the ring just ends.  Be careful with these because since there is little attention to quality on those posts, this edge may not be entirely smooth.

The ring on Visiontron posts, however, is solid and smooth, providing you with an overall well-manufactured product and also ensuring that no customers will have any accidents if "playing" with your posts while waiting in line.

3. High Quality, Resilient Ropes


The above video demonstrates many of the reasons why Visiontron's products are the most durable in the industry.  At the 0:32 you will see that Visiontron Premium Ropes are tested by applying 300 lbs. of weight onto them, simulating a customer sitting on the ropes (which we all know will happen at some point).  Visiontron's Premium Ropes are manufactured with a 1.5" diameter tightly woven rope core as opposed to foam core like other products in the industry.  Also, the ropes are connected to the snap ends using the most durable mechanisms as opposed to a simple screw that can easily wear away at the rope and cause the snap ends to fall off over time.

The long-term durability of the ropes and snap end components enable Visiontron to provide a 10-year warranty on its products.  Contrary to the unfortunate "built in obsolescence" model of other manufacturers across many industries, Visiontron believes in providing a durable product that you will be able to use for a long time.  This will enable you and your organization to spend your time and effort doing other projects that will help you grow.  Another benefit of not having to make repeat purchases to replace broken equipment that was never meant to last in the first place is that you can invest your budgets in accessories that will promote other goals...

4. Wide Variety of Options and Custom Ropes

MGM Grand Hotel & Casino VIP Rope | Advanced Stanchions Custom Printed VIP Ropes | Advanced Stanchions

We live in a high customization, on-demand society and as a result you are re-branding yourself constantly and every day.  Your marketing team won't let you use just any red for your print literature, you need to use the specific Pantone-approved red of your brand.  Your marketing team won't let you use any paint on the new construction project, you need to use RAL-approved colors.  So why should your branding be limited to a dozen or so velour materials?

It shouldn't, which is why as part of our Custom Solutions, we provide fully custom posts and ropes.  In addition to the standard chrome, black, and brass posts with which you are familiar, we can custom powder coat your posts to whatever color you may need.  Additionally, our Microfiber Dye Sublimated Ropes (shown above) allow you to print any image, design, or message onto your ropes, allowing your ropes to really pop and bring your project together.


Next time you have a project that demands the elegance and classic nature of Conventional Post & Rope, please contact our Stanchion Team at 844-831-8400 or email us at info@advancedstanchions.com.  We will give you the full VIP treatment and help you make the most of your equipment.

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