April 26 2014 Saturday at 01:19 PM

ABC News Discusses 'line rage' in recent episode of "20/20"

A recent episode of ABC's "20/20" that aired on April 25th, 2014 explored various situations that may cause people to reach their mental breaking points, when frustration overwhelms their senses.  The theme of the episode "Losing It!" was broken into fours parts focusing on various situations, the last of which discussed a situation with which our Stanchion Team is very familiar: waiting in line.  (Check out the video here at ABC News).

Line formation and crowd formation are inevitable when there is any product, service, or public display that creates an interest or demand from multiple people.  If is, hopefully, not often that lines and crowds cause emotions to escalate into some of the actions shown in the this segment.  Still, this six minute segment intrigued our Stanchion Team and we asked ourselves the question, "how can our services and solutions help reduce the stress caused by waiting in lines?"  

Ultimately, we understand that the reactions and interactions shown in this ABC News footage are the culminations or boiling points of many factors.  For instance, there is nothing a retail store or public venue could do to change each visitor's individual mood before he or she enters the location, and it is probable that many of the mental "explosions" that occur while in line are a culmination of the participants' moods and experiences leading up to the line.

However, like Walt Disney World has taken actions to not only reduce the stress of waiting in lines, but radically change the entire concept of lines, we believe our customers and future customers can also make small changes to create a positive waiting experience at their facilities.  Although the scale of the actions and costs may be slightly larger at Walt Disney World than your organization's capabilities, we still believe there are many ways to alleviate line stress:

1. Proper Signage

Visiontron Retracta-Belt Sign Frames & Accessories | Advanced Stanchions

Perhaps one of the most frustrating experiences people have when waiting in line is not knowing where the lines starts or how to enter or exit it.  For easy directions and signage that will make your lines an easier experience for your customers, check out our Signs, Frames, and Accessories for Retracta-Belt.

2. Merchandising Bowls

Visiontron Impulse Buy Bowl & Signage for Merchandising | Advanced Stanchions

These are great accessories for your line queue because they provide an additional opportunity for impulse or last minute idea sales!  Perhaps if your clientele is still busy checking out the merchandise, they will be less likely to cause a commotion.  Check out our Impulse Buy Bowl.

3. Baggage Name Tag Holders and Writing Tables for Airlines

Visiontron Baggage Name Tag Holder | Advanced Stanchions Visiontron Post Mount Writing Table for Retracta-Belt | Advanced Stanchions

One of the most frustrating experiences for travelers is waiting in lines...to get to the airport...to check-in...to get through security...to get on the plane...lines are everywhere!  Airlines make it easier for their customers by allowing them fill out important forms or baggage tags before getting to the airline representative.  If your facility requires any paperwork that can be filled out beforehand, consider our Name Tag Holder or Post Mount Writing Table

4. Literature or Menu Holder

If you are an express food restaurant, is there anything better than seeing a line out the door of people who are ready and eager to try out your food?  Is there anything worse than seeing them walk away because it seems like the line is not moving?  One of the issues many take-out or quick service establishments have is that service slows down when people do not know what they want at the time they get to the counter.  Sure, you may have everything printed on a huge menu above your head, but at what point does that become read-able, before or after the potential customer leaves?  You may have remembered to print take-out menus and put them at the Point of Sale for the next time they order, but those are pointless if they never get to that point.  Check our out Post Mount LIterature Holders for a simple, easy way to get your menu to your customers at the beginning of the line and speed up your customer transaction time!

5. Quality Posts and Panels


As shown in a few of the segments on "20/20," stanchions likes our Retracta-Belt and Retracta-Belt PRIME series are always a great way to form an organized queue.  With the addition of our Post N Panel Systems, you can create a more rigid, formed line and even brand it for your messaging!


For more information about any of products or services, please contact our Stanchion Team at 844-831-8400 or email us at info@advancedstanchions.com.