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Solutions for Success: Visiontron PRIME Series Provides Premium Quality for Any Budget

Not all crowd control and safety projects are the same.  Not all environments and usages are the same.  Always creating ways to meet the wide range of varying needs for customers, Visiontron designed the industry's leading "economy" product line, consisting of its Retracta-Belt PRIME and PRIME Conventional Posts and Ropes.  The Visiontron PRIME Series launched in December of 2013 and has changed the way in which customers view economy stanchions.  What is an economy stanchion?

For many years, manufacturers designed their stanchions with heavy duty cast iron bases and high quality metals (features that Visiontron still uses for its Retracta-Belt Product Line), to ensure that customers always had durable products on hand for crowd control, security, and the other various uses of stanchions that we know.  As with many other industries you may know, within recent years some manufacturers and distributors began importing stanchions that were made with cement-filled bases and lesser quality materials.  The lower labor costs from importing, combined with the lower material costs, brought to market what we now refer to, sometimes euphemistically, as "Economy Stanchions."

Economy Stanchions have been in the market for years now, and they have proven to provide benefits when used in the right environment, but many challenges when used in the wrong environment.

Benefits of Economy Stanchions

1. More cost effective for low budget projects or organizations with limited financial resources. 

2. Better long-term solution than renting for organizations that have sporadic or seasonal events, busy periods, or projects. 

The main benefit of the Economy Stanchion is that it is priced lower than cast iron bases, allowing for more organizations to fit stanchions into their budgets.  In the past, organizations would have to forfeit some aspects of safety because they could not plan stanchions, or the right quantity of stanchions, into their budgets.  Economy Posts provide an affordable solution, but our Stanchion Team urges caution.  Economy Posts, of any brand, are not a good fit for all projects.  Some issues with other economy stanchions in the market are inherent of the poor quality of the product itself.  Most issues, however, derive from poor recommendations from the vendor, if there is any communication at all between the buyer and seller.

Challenges of Economy Stanchions

1. Cement-filled bases are not as reliable long term as cast iron.  Regardless of how the posts are used, the cement will eventually corrode.  If the posts are transported often or used in a high traffic area, the bases will likely break sooner.

2. Lower grade post material will not withstand force as well as premium posts.  If your posts will be subjected to being hit by luggage, rowdy fans, or even being poorly carried by employees, then economy posts will show wear quicker than premium posts, if the latter shows any wear at all.

3. Cassettes are not as robust.  With some economy post cassettes, you can purchase replacement belt ends.  For most cassettes, once the belts lose tension or something breaks, you must look to purchase a whole new cassette.

Essentially, the major reason why problems or issues occur with economy posts is that they are being used in the wrong environment.  When used in the right environments, Economy Posts provide a cost effective solution for those who otherwise may not be able to justify investing in safety through stanchions.

How Visiontron PRIME Dramatically Changed the Concept of Economy Posts

For many years, Visiontron observed the performance of economy posts in the market, noting the need for a cost effective stanchion, but also noticing that the stanchions being offered by other manufacturers and distributors were not able to provide the durability that every organization needs.  Through years or testing with its own economy line, Visiontron developed a durable economy stanchion worthy of the Retracta-Belt name and the results have been nothing less than revolutionary.  

Drawing on the concept of the cement-filled base, Visiontron's PRIME series integrates the company's EVERstraight Technology to provide more long-term durability than any other economy line post.  As with any economy post, neither Visiontron nor our Stanchion Team recommends using these in any situation.  The following guide is an excellent tool for determining whether or not you should be using our Retracta-Belt Premium posts or the Retracta-Belt PRIME Economy Line.  Also, the diagram on the second page compares our Retracta-Belt products to the posts you may encounter from other manufacturers and distributors.



The Visiontron PRIME line is not recommended for every type of facility and usage out there, as no economy stanchion should be.  In any setting, the durability of the Retracta-Belt Premium line will always provide you the maximum amount of long-term reliability in the industry.  For times when your budget may not allow for the most durable and if the posts will be used in a way that will subject the stanchions to low volumes of people traffic or movement in general, then economy stanchions may be an appealing option for you.  Compared to the various other economy stanchions in the market, there are a few distinguishing features of the Retracta-Belt PRIME that make it a stronger long-term investment for your organization:

1. EVERstraight Technology: Also used in the Retracta-Belt Premium Series, this innovative, self-straightening base connection keeps posts upright and prevents leaning.

2. Exclusive Wedge Action Connection Fitting is Self-Straightening: The wedge action expands as the customer installs the post to further strengthen the connection.

3. Precision molded base fitting: This ensures consistent and reliable production quality.

4. Locking Hardware: This is tightened to specific torque requirements to prevent the bolt from loosening and the post from leaning.

5. High Density Cement: This increases the weight to reduce post movement throughout the day, and is more durable than the industry's commonly used cement bases.


The Visiontron PRIME Series also includes a diverse portfolio of product options, including Posts and Ropes, Wall Mount Barriers, Outdoor Equipment, and Accessories:

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