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Solutions for Success: Storage and Transportation Carts Save your Organization Time and Space

For organizations that use their stanchions only periodically and for those that keep a spare inventory at all times, storage is always a challenge that must be addressed.  Although it seems like an easy solution to just store them standing up in a spare closet or designated area, especially if you have a new facility, reality inevitably will outgrow that idea.  Since stanchions, including our Retracta-Belt, Retracta-Belt PRIME, Conventional, and PRIME Conventional stanchions, all have a larger circular base compared to their post with a smaller diameter, it is spatially inefficient to store them standing up if they are not in use.  

For instance, our Single Line Retracta-Belt has a 14" diameter base with a 2.5" diameter post.  From top to bottom of the entire unit, the height is 40".  You are committing the floor space to a 14" diameter circle, but then you have a little over three feet of the same spatial commitment that goes wasted.  Furthermore, if you put the circular bases touching each other on the ground, you have wasted space in between.

Often, organizations are tempted to stack stanchion on top of each other or lean them on the ground in efforts to conserve space.  This may be a short term fix, but in the long term it is disorganized and will lead to damaged components.  No matter what, you will have to use some designated space, and the best way to optimize your space is with storage carts.  

Aside from storage, transportation is another challenge that most organizations face.  Whether you move your stanchions for events, floor cleanings, or any other reasons, you deal with a few challenges.  You need to find the most time effective means of moving the stanchions, and you also need to find a labor efficient means of doing so.  We are sure that at some point you and your staff have grabbed a stanchion or two at once and moved it from point A to point B.  Our Solutions for Success below will provide you with various means of not only storing, but also moving your stanchions in the most time efficient manners, while also lowering the physical stress exerted by you and your staff.

Visiontron Deluxe Post Storage Cart | Advanced Stanchions


Our Deluxe 21 Post Storage Cart makes effective use of your floor space, providing you with the means to store up to 21 stanchions at once.  At approximately 6 feet in height, this would be considered the "work horse" of our cart fleet.  Locking wheels at the base provide the means to navigate the cart through your facility.  If your organization stores and uses a large quantity of stanchions and needs to move as many as possible within a limited time, then this would be a viable option.  Keep in mind that to store stanchions on the top few levels, you and your staff will have to lift a stanchion (approximately 20 - 30 lbs) up to almost 6 feet in height.  Although this is still a great solution for many of our customers, others prefer our Mini Storage Cart for not demanding the high lifting of the Deluxe Cart.

Visiontron Mini Post Storage Cart | Advanced Stanchions


As indicated, our Mini Post Storage Cart holds 12 stanchions at once.  This lower height cart provides the same per level storage capacity of the Deluxe Cart, but does not require you or your staff to lift the posts as high.  With the same locking wheels as the Deluxe Cart, our Mini Cart is a great solution for organizations looking to store and move a sizable amount of posts, but would also like to keep the heavy-lifting to a minimum.  Although the Mini Cart holds fewer posts than any of our other cart options, it reduces the physical stress exerted onto you and your team.  


Visiontron Vertical Post Storage Cart | Advanced Stanchions


The third and final cart in our collection is our Vertical 18 Post Storage Cart.  Our Vertical Storage Cart holds almost as many posts as our Deluxe Storage Cart and provides an even easier loading experience than our Mini Storage Cart.  This option only requires you and your staff to lift the posts approximately 16" to load them onto the cart.  The design allows you to stack the stanchions closely together in a space-efficient manner and the wheels allow you to transport the carts easily throughout your facility.  

All of our storage carts are great options to save your company time, labor, and storage space.  To help determine which would be optimal for your organization, please contact our Stanchion Team at 844-831-8400 or email us at

Lastly, for organizations that need to move their stanchions often, but do not necessarily need to store them or have that many to store, an effective solution is to add wheels to the base!

Visiontron Retracta-Belt Single Line Post PM412 | Advanced StanchionsVisiontron Retracta-Belt Single Line Post PM412 | Advanced Stanchions


Some of our Retracta-Belt posts, like the PM412 shown above, come readily equipped with wheels on the base to allow for easy transportation.  If needed, we can add wheels to almost any post you need to order.  To discuss this option for your organization or next project, please call our Stanchion Team at 844-831-8400 or email us at

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