May 15 2014 Thursday at 12:00 AM

Solutions for Success: Visiontron Logo Mats Promote your Brand while Providing Safety

"You never get a second chance for a first impression."  At some point, we are sure you have heard this expression or something very similar.  The meaning is timeless and is always present for you, your colleagues, your brand, and your facility itself.  We have written about how Visiontron equipment can improve branding at your facility in past Solutions for Success articles.  This article focuses on a small detail that makes a big difference at your facility, your floors.  

Entire industries are dedicated to making materials for floors, providing means to clean floors, and making sure that no equipment you put on (or into) your floor damages it.  Any of those and other industries draw on the inherent realization that floors are important.  We care how they look, we justifiably believe that our customers care how our floors look, and above all we want to ensure that anybody walking on our floors is provided with a safe surface upon which to walk.  

A great solution for your facility is to implement floor mats in certain locations:

Visiontron Logo Mat Hilton | Advanced Stanchions Visiontron Logo Mat Fun Zone | Advanced Stanchions

 What is more inviting to your customers than laying out the proverbial, and in this case literal, "welcome mat."  With the ability to custom print whatever logo or message you desire, you can use logo mats at your entrance to create a welcoming, brand-reinforcing experience.  

Visiontron Logo Mat Tully's Coffee | Advanced Stanchions Visiontron Logo Mats Alcorn State University | Advanced Stanchions

Mats are great at entrances and are an effective means of preventing the outside elements from making their way entirely into your facility, keeping the rest of your floors clean and safe.  On especially rainy days, our logo mats are great when used along with our Umbrella Bag Stand holder, providing your customers with a welcoming and helpful experience.

Visiontron Logo Mats | Advanced Stanchions 

Airlines use our logo mats to welcome their customers aboard their airplanes, and you can use mats throughout your venue to welcome your customers to special VIP areas or to help create a unique event-specific environment.  For your next event, consider rolling out our logo mats and event runners with our VIP Posts & Ropes for an added touch of elegance and style.

For more information about our custom logo mats or to order some for your next event, please contact our Stanchion Team at 844-831-8400 or email us at

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