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Solutions for Success: EverStraight® Technology Leads Industry in Durability and Reliability

Every day, our Stanchion Team strives to provide our customers and our future customers with an incomparable service experience that goes beyond the standards and expectations of the industry.  We do so directly each time we interact with our customers and future customers.  We do so indirectly each moment that our equipment is being used by our customers or in facilities which our future customers visit.  Our total service experience relies heavily on the quality of the equipment with which we provide our customers, which is why we partner with the industry leader in quality control and versatility, Visiontron.

We've covered in previous Solutions for Success stories why Visiontron's Retracta-Belt is the most durable product line in its industry.  Today, we are focusing on one aspect of the Retracta-Belt product line, and also other Visiontron product lines, that provides a significant advantage over the industry standards: EverStraight® Technology.

Retracta-Belt Buyer's Guide: Stanchion Bases | Advanced Stanchions

EverStraight Technology is an exclusive technology used on Visiontron's Retracta-Belt, Retracta-Belt PRIME, Conventional, and Conventional PRIME posts.  Unlike industry standard posts that provide little support to the point at which the post and base connect, Visiontron's posts with EverStraight Technology provide the extra support needed to endure the day-to-day operations of any organization.

Whether we are talking about Conventional Posts & Ropes or Retractable Belt Stanchions, the industry provides two classes of products: Premium and Economy.  

 Visiontron Retracta-Belt Single Line Post - 10' Belt | Advanced Stanchions

Premium posts are distinguished mainly by the use of a cast iron base.  While most industry standard posts have little to nothing else to provide extra support, Visiontron's Premium Conventional Posts and Retracta-Belt Premium lines (as shown above) offer many unique design features, including higher grade materials, to provide a more durable product.  Focusing on EverStraight Technology, here is a comparison of Visiontron's Premium post to the "premium" posts used by industry standard manufacturers.  

Visiontron Buyer's Guide: Stanchion Bases | Advanced Stanchions


Unlike other industry standard "premium" posts that lose straightness over time or due to little impact, Visiontron's posts integrate a large diameter threaded connection to ensure that its posts will remain straight for the life of the post.  Industry standard posts need to be replaced more often than Retracta-Belt posts, which have a life expectancy of 10-20+ years.  The base walls on Visiontron's Retracta-Belt and Conventional Premium posts are thicker and 17% heavier than the industry standard baseweight to keep the posts in place in high traffic environments.

The reason why industry standard posts do not last as long or stand as straight as Visiontron's posts is because their through-bolt and welded metal cup construction easily weakens, diminishing the overall lifespan of the post.  As regular everyday wear and tear is inflicted on the posts, the bolt will become loose over time.  The lighter, thinner bases used by industry standard manufacturers are prone to shifting throughout the day, causing you and/or your staff to constantly readjust your posts to perform their basic function.

Visiontron Retracta-Belt PRIME Single Line Post Flyer | Advanced Stanchions 

Economy posts in this industry are identified by their use of a stainless steel base that is filled with cement.  The industry standard economy posts are cheap, and very short term, solutions.  Visiontron provides a more durable economy line, for both Conventional Post & Rope and Retracta-Belt needs, with its PRIME series.

Visiontron Buyer's Guide: Stanchion Bases Flyer | Advanced Stanchions


The main benefit of cement-filled economy posts is that they are more cost effective for the most budget-conscientious of needs.  Without question, an economy post is not a substitute for a premium post.  An economy post should only be used in an environment or usage that does not require the utmost durability provided by a premium post.  The Visiontron PRIME series provides a cost effective solution to budget-conscientious buyers, while also providing more durability and reliability than industry standard economy products.

The EverStraight Technology in Visiontron PRIME products features an advanced wedge-action base connection that is stronger and more stable than the industry standard base connections.  Precision molded base fitting ensures consistent and reliable production quality.  Locking hardware is tightened to specific toque requirements to prevent the bolt from loosening and the post from leaning.  The cement used in Visiontron PRIME psots has a higher density than industry standard economy bases, reducing post movement throughout the day.

With industry standard economy posts, the welded cup construction requires perfectly strong and straight welding to function properly; however, this precise, difficult, and highly skilled process is often performed by unqualified workers, resulting in crooked posts from the time you take them out of the box and implement them in your facility.  Also, the welded cup is often made of thin, threaded sheet metal which strips and deforms very easily.  Quite often, the end user needs tools for assembly because either no nut is supplied or the hardware that is supplied uses non-locking nuts which loosen very quickly.

Whether you have the long-term needs of a stadium, museum, night club, or airport and use the Premium line stanchions or you have budget-oriented shorter team needs like infrequent events, school functions, or small retail environments and use Economy posts, Visiontron and Advanced Stanchions will be able to help you with your questions and projects.  

Every day, our Stanchion Team strives to provide our customers and our future customers with an incomparable service experience that goes beyond the standards and expectations of the industry.  We know that Visiontron's products stand straighter and last longer, providing our customers with the peace of mind and confidence they need to focus on their other daily priorities.  Our Stanchion Team is here to understand your short term and long term needs.  Our service provides you the peace of mind and confidence that you are implementing solutions that will benefit you and your organization for years to come.  

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