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Custom Stanchions with RAL and Pantone Matching

A great way to promote your brand, match your venue's design, and create an overall memorable experience at your facility is with custom equipment.  Whether you are looking for Retracta-Belt, Retracta-Belt PRIME, Premium Conventional Posts, Premium Ropes, Conventional PRIME Posts & Ropes, Panels, Sign Stands, or Mats we customized everything to your particular wants or needs.

Visiontron Retracta-Belt Single Line Post | Advanced Stanchions Visiontron Custom Printed VIP Microfiber Ropes | Advanced Stanchions

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Our ability to serve your needs is supported by our ability to color match your brand's colors using Pantone and RAL color matching systems.  If you are, or ever have been involved with, a marketing projects integrating brand logos and colors across media, then you have most likely encountered the Pantone color matching system.  The Pantone system, primarily used in printing as well as the fabrication of fabrics and plastics, is a system that identifies a wide array of hues with a specific number.  This Pantone number allows a color to be accurately printed and represented across media.  Instead of saying you want "blue" or "dark blue," you can go to your various suppliers and request PMS 286 for an accurate representation of your brand color. 

We are proud to be able to custom print any of our belts for Retracta-Belt and Retracta-Belt Prime as well as our Microfiber VIP Ropes with Pantone Matching capabilities.  This ensures that you have the exact colors you need for your event, product launch, or to represent your brand each day at your facility.  

Another color system that helps us work with your marketing efforts is the RAL color system.  RAL colors are just as important to know as Pantone colors, but they are often unknown since they are traditionally used for varnish, powder coating, and more recently plastics.  Just like Pantone colors, RAL colors are used to identify specific shades of colors in order to accurately produce them across a variety of media.  

When we powder coat our Retracta-Belt, Retracta-Belt PRIME, and Conventional Posts, we can use RAL color matching to make sure your brand's colors are accurately represented.  For quick reference, here is a guide to RAL colors:

RAL Powder Coat Color Guide | Advanced Stanchions


For more information about Pantone Colors, RAL Colors, and how we can customize your next stanchion or crowd control equipment project, please contact our Stanchion Team at 844-831-8400 or email us at

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