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Solutions for Success: Visiontron Universal Replacement Cassette Provides Unmatched Versatility

In numerous articles from our Solutions for Success series, we have covered why Visiontron Retracta-Belt is the most durable and versatile product line in the industry.  Ultimately, it is in your organization's best long-term interest to integrate a high quality product line into your facilities, providing you with longevity, peace of mind, and the ability to avoid additional monetary and time costs associated with replacing inferior products.

A significant reality is that many organizations do not always use the most reliable equipment and, in many cases, all of their equipment is not necessarily of the same manufacturer.  There are many reasons for how and why organizations end up with multiple brands of sometimes incompatible equipment, and we understand that the resources are not always readily available for an organization to fix the problem immediately.  Furthermore, the nature of industry standard products is such that the major components do not reach non-functionality at this same time.  


Depending on whether you are using Premium (cast iron) bases or Economy (cement-filled) bases, you will have relatively few or many challenges, respectively.  Cast iron bases themselves are virtually indestructible, unless they are exposed to precipitation or floor-cleaning agents without protection and then rust.  Cement-filled bases on the other hand are more susceptible to wear.  Regardless of how you use them, the cement on the insight will eventually crack and break, weakening the base or making it unusable.  If you use your stanchions heavily and they are exposed to constant moving and "abuse," then your cement-filled bases will break sooner.

If you haven't seen it yet, check out the Roof Drop Test to see why our Retracta-Belt bases and post connection are the most durable in the industry.


For the most part, the post itself can last longer than other components if maintained properly.  Minor denting or scratching can occur on some industry standard posts, especially if used in a high volume environment.  A major issue that can occur with posts is at the point in which the posts connects to the base.  Most industry standard posts use weak technology to connect the two part, causing posts to bend or break over time, rendering the stanchion useless.

Visiontron uses its unique, EverStraight technology to ensure that its posts are straighter, stronger, and last longer than industry standard posts.

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Without question, the retractable belt cassette in each industry standard stanchions is the component that sees the most abuse and, in turn, replacement.  The replacement cassette in any post has more mechanisms and components than any other part of the post and it is interacted with more often than any other part of the post, especially by your visitors who do not necessarily have a vested interest in your investment.  In spite of this fact, most of the industry standard posts you see or use have inferior cassettes for their purposes.  Regardless of if you have a premium or economy post, the cassette does not seem to last very long, causing you to order a replacement cassette, which can be costly.  Unfortunately, this process has become habitual for many buyers, who do not seem to mind buying a stanchion and then having to buy a replacement cassette in a year, and then another next year, and then another until the total cost of ownership of the stanchion becomes greater than just buying a higher quality, more durable stanchion in the first place.  

Visiontron is unique in the industry in that its Retracta-Belt cassettes provide many features that make it a more cost effective component for users.  First, it is more reliable than industry standard cassettes, providing fewer challenges to the end users.  Secondly, the cassette integrates technology that allows the end user to re-tension the belt in most cases when the belt seems to lose tension.  Finally, unlike most industry standard cassettes, the end user does not have to necessarily replace the entire cassette, but can simply order individual components.

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How Advanced Stanchions Brings Efficiency and Cost Effectiveness to your Organization's Fleet

Our Stanchion Team is dedicated to finding and providing solutions that will put your organization on track towards optimal efficiency and cost effectiveness.  As mentioned earlier, it is not always easy for an organization to make a complete overhaul of its existing stanchion fleet.  Cost is certainly a factor, but as we broke down the major parts of a stanchion above, it is not always the right time to phase out equipment.  

In many cases, older bases and posts may still be in tact, but the cassettes provided by industry standard manufacturers and distributors are a burden to the consumer.  Cheap stanchions are cheap to obtain, but their total cost of ownership inflates as cassettes must constantly be purchased to keep the entire stanchion in good working condition.  

In such cases, our Stanchion Team helps organizations by implementing our Universal Replacement Cassette.  

Visiontron TensionLine Universal Replacement Cassette | Advanced Stanchions

Designed by Visiontron, these Universal Replacement Cassettes are more reliable than other industry standard replacement cassettes provided by industry standard manufacturers and distributors.  Available in 10' lengths, these cassettes are compatible with almost every other brand of stanchion and prove to be a great transitional piece for creating a more durable stanchion fleet at your organization.  If your posts and bases are still in good working condition, integrate this Universal Replacement Cassette and stop having to re-order inferior replacement cassettes.

Aside from being more reliable than industry standard cassettes, the Universal Replacement Cassette can also be fully customized to meet your organization's varying needs.

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If you would like us to review your stanchion fleet and provide recommendations to optimize it, or for more information about our Universal Replacement Cassettes or Retracta-Belt technology, please contact our Stanchion Team at (844) 831-8400 or email us at  

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