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Solutions for Success: Premium Retracta-Belt Replacement Parts

One of the unique features about Visiontron's Made in the USA Retracta-Belt Premium products line is that the belt assembly is designed to allow for in the field maintenance as opposed to requiring the purchase of an entirely new belt cassette or even a new stanchion.

With stanchions in general, the most common issues that occur over time involve the belt mechanism.  Belt tension, for instance, is a key feature of any retractable belt barrier and once that decreases, the stanchion's primary function is weakened little by little. Most industry standard products have self-contained belt cassettes that require end users to replace the entire belt cassette when the belt loses tension.

Visiontron's Retracta-Belt product is an industry leader and allows the end user to remove the belt assembly, re-apply tension, and re-insert the assembly to have a stanchion function as it did the day it arrived new.  This technology saves organizations time by not having to order and wait for replacements and more importantly it reduces unnecessary costs.

Some issues with belt mechanisms go beyond just re-applying tension. Again, with most industry standard products, the end user is left ordering replacement belt cassettes.

Visiontron's Premium Retracta-Belt belt assemblies are designed to allow for the replacement of individual components. This reduces the overall expense of replacing parts and also eliminates the sunk cost factor of replacing something that is still in good condition.

The following is a list of components available on our website for your Retracta-Belt Premium stanchions. For questions regarding compatibility, or to learn more about how you can save your organization time and equipment costs with Retracta-Belt, please contact a member of our Stanchion Team at 844-831-8400 or email us at info@advancedstanchions.com.

Individual Parts Available for Premium Retracta-Belts:

1. Post Cap

2. Spring Case Assembly

3. Brake Assembly

4. Spool

5. Belt Guide

6. Belt Clip

7. Belt End

8. Belt

9. Complete Replacement Assembly

 Visiontron Retracta-Belt Replacement Parts List | Advanced Stanchions


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