July 16 2014 Wednesday at 06:30 AM

NEW Product - Visiontron Expands Premium Rope Connectivity Options

Visiontron recently unveiled two new rope options to its already diverse Premium VIP Rope line.  Along with these two new ropes, the Made in the USA crowd control manufacturer also announced the addition of new end components for its complete rope line.  

Magnetic Breakaway Rope Ends


Available for any of Visiontron's Premium Ropes, these Magnetic Breakaway ends allow user to easily disconnect ropes from the posts, walls, or other metal surfaces to which they may be attached.  Convenient for any user, this option is especially useful for night clubs, casinos, or any public facility at which the fire code mandates such "easy breakaway" mechanisms in case of emergencies.  

Hook Ends

Visiontron Hook End Premium Rope | Advanced Stanchions


Also available for any of Visiontron's Premium Ropes, Hook Ends are a great alternative to traditional snap ends and allow for easy disconnection of the rope from a post or wall mount.  If you or your team are in a security position at a VIP line or anywhere that would call for frequent movement of the rope, then Hook Ends may be the right solution for you.

Heavy Duty Snap Ends and Heavy Duty Hook Ends

Visiontron Rope Components Snap Ends | Advanced Stanchions


Visiontron now offers two snap end and two hook end options for its Premium VIP Rope line.  Our standard Snap and Hook Ends are finished over zinc, whereas our new Heavy Duty Snap Ends and Heavy Duty Hook Ends are finished over solid brass.

For more information about Visiontron Premium Ropes and their components, or to order some for your next event, please contact our Stanchion Team at 844-831-8400 or email us at info@advancedstanchions.com.

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