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Solutions for Success: Comparing Premium and Economy Stanchions

When purchasing stanchions, there are many things to consider: post finish (color), belt color (or custom design), length needed, quantity needed.  Before choosing these specifics, it is a good idea to start by assessing how you will be using the posts as that will help you identify whether you would need a Premium stanchion or an Economy/PRIME stanchion.

The main differences between the Premium and Economy/PRIME stanchions are:

Stanchion Part Retracta-Belt (Premium) Retracta -Belt PRIME (Economy)
Base Cast Iron Stainless Steel Filled with Cement
Tube (Standard) Aluminum (other options available) Stainless Steel (other options available)
Post to Base Connectivity EVERstraight; Threaded nipple on post screws into base EVERstraight; Threaded bolt on base screws into cup on inside of post
Belt Mechanism Can remove and re-tension if needed; can replace individual components Inclusive unit - if belt loses tension or any component breaks, must replace entire belt cassette


Knowing the differences between the Premium and Economy/PRIME, how do you apply the mechanical differences to choosing the best option for you? Generally speaking, we recommend the standard Retracta-Belt (Premium) option as the most long-term durable option for any environment. The main benefit of the PRIME economy post is that it is a more cost effective option, designed to fit the needs of smaller budget projects or organizations with limited access to capital funding.

Here are the main points to consider when assessing your durability needs:

1. Environment - will these be used in an "active" or "inactive" setting? A post being used as part of a display will likely see less "visitor interaction" than a post in a queue line at an airport, where luggage may knock into it, people in line may interact with the belts, etc.

2. Logistics - will these be put in place at your facility and not moved except for floor cleaning, or will you be moving them around constantly to different areas? Beyond that, will they be used in one location or will you be taking them on the road, breaking them down, and setting them up frequently?

3. Frequency - will these be used all day every day throughout your organization's operations or will they only be used intermittently and/or for a short duration of time? If you are only using these for a one time or annual event, you may not have the same long-term needs as a public venue using these daily.

Considering the above points will help you determine the durability needed for your stanchions.

If these are being used in a busy environment, or an environment in which your customers will be interacting (playing around) with the stanchions, then it is likelier that something will happen to the belt mechanism. If the belt mechanism gets damaged it will either lead to a belt without tension, broken components, or both. With the Premium option, you can either re-tension the belt on the field or order replacement parts to get your stanchion back to new. With the Economy/PRIME option, you will need to order an entire new belt cassette.  Furthermore, the threaded nipple connection of the Premium post will be more longstanding against customers leaning on them or hitting them with things than the PRIME/economy threaded bolt connection.

If you are moving these around frequently, and if you are breaking them down and moving them to different locations, it is important to consider the effects that will have on the base. The premium cast iron base is virtually indestructible. The PRIME/economy base is made of stainless steel filled with cement, and cement will eventually corrode. The more movement and impact put on the base will expedite the corrosion process and eventually you will need to replace the entire post with base.

How often you use these may determine, if nothing else, how much you are looking to spend on the stanchions. If these are for a one-time event that lasts one day, for instance, the premium will definitely cover your needs, but the PRIME/economy will likely also cover your general needs for a third of the cost. If you are using these every day, or they are even an essential part of your business operations, then any cost would be justified by the long-term durability of the Premium option.

For easy reference, here is a guide to the differences between our Premium and Economy/PRIME bases:

Visiontron Retracta-Belt Base Comparison | Advanced Stanchions

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