August 29 2014 Friday at 09:26 AM

Cleaning Instructions for VIP Ropes

An ongoing challenge for virtually every facility, public venue, or organization in general is keeping the equipment and capital investments that the organization has made in good working order, while also maintaining day to day operations.  A great way to avoid future complications is to invest in the right equipment for your companies needs instead of having to worry about constant repair, replacement parts, or downright short lifespans associated with many lost cost alternatives.

One of our key beliefs at Advanced Stanchions is that we need to provide our customers and future customers with recommendations and solutions that will benefit them and their organization in the long term.  We understand that the constant re-purchasing and re-ordering of low quality equipment is an ineffective solution for any organization, especially when there are higher quality alternatives and solutions.

We partner with Visiontron, a Made-in-the-USA manufacturer that specializes in producing high quality, durable products for the crowd control industry.  Visiontron shares our belief in developing long-term, beneficial relationships with our customers and future customers and providing them with not only optimal equipment, but also optimal solutions for maintaining their equipment.

Aside from manufacturing the most durable retractable belt barriers, VIP posts and ropes, and other crowd control systems in the industry, our partners at Visiontron are also experts in ways to preserve your equipment for years after you take it out of the box.  

Our Stanchion Team is often asked if there is anything that can be done to salvage existing equipment that is damaged or tarnished.  Often, end users can order replacement parts for their equipment to avoid to the costs of having to order everything new.  Another solution for some posts and VIP ropes is to maintain them with regular cleaning habits.  We created this reference guide with the recommendations that our partners at Visiontron provide for cleaning your posts and ropes.


There are some cases, however, in which cleaning and replacing parts are not effective for your costs, time, or both.  If you have any questions regarding your existing crowd control equipment, or how we may help you plan your upcoming and future crowd control needs, please contact our Stanchion Team at 844-831-8400 or email us at

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