November 03 2014 Monday at 09:05 AM

Post Mount Writing Tables for Visiontron Retracta-Belt Optimize Time Waiting in Line

For many years,Visiontron's Post Mount Writing Table for Retracta-Belt has been a staple for crowded facilities like airports, banks, DMV lines, and other facilities whose queues are usually synonymous with long waits.  For environments in which the purpose of the line is to submit something, such as a luggage tag, bank slip, or paperwork, the writing table allows customers to fill out their forms while waiting in line.

   Visiontron Post Mount Writing Table for Retracta-Belt | Advanced Stanchions 

This addition improves the efficiency and overall effectiveness of your line since it improves your customer's experience while also improving your workflow.  From the customer's perspective, how quickly a line moves will affect their perception of your overall service(s) that you provide.  By optimizing the customer's waiting experience by having them fill out necessary forms ahead of time, you will create a better perceived experience.  Additionally, once the customer gets to your team member, they will spend less time with them filling out forms that have already been filled out.  This creates a tangible time savings for your customer, while also increasing your team's ability to cycle through the line.  From the employment perspective, this increase the amount of customers your team can service, thus optimizing your pay roll per hour.

Time can make or break your customer's perceived value of your organization and, similarly, longer service times per customer can rattle even the strongest teams during peak hours.  The writing table by Visiontron allows you to avoid lines that are longer than necessary and provides you a means to expedite your queues without adding additional labor costs.

Aside from the public venues reference above, the writing table is also great for retail stores, doctor's offices, healthcare facilities, hotels, and virtually anywhere in which your customer will be waiting in line.  Our Post Mount Literature Holder allows you provide your customers with information in a passive setting, making it more accessible to them without disturbing their interactions with your team members.  This is a great way to passively present your newest marketing materials, mention sales offers, or upsell products and services to your customers in a non-abrasive settings.  When a customer arrives to your team member with a brochure in hand, it is a great way to open a conversation that can lead to more revenue for your business.

Visiontron Retracta-Belt Post Mount Writing Table Flyer | Advanced Stanchions

The writing tables are designed for use with Visiontron's Retracta-Belt product line, but can also be used with other brands' posts.  For more information about Visiontron's Post Mount Writing Tables or Literature Holders, please call our Stanchion Team at (844) 831-8400 or email us at

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