March 13 2015 Friday at 10:43 PM

Solutions for Success: Retracta-Banner Evolves In-Queue Branding Forever

For years, Visiontron has been revolutionizing the way organizations utilize crowd control and queuing equipment.  Virtually every exterior component of a Retracta-Belt post can be customized: the posts can be powder-coated to any color, the belts can be branded with logos, messages, and images, and there are numerous accessories that can be added to the posts to have them be so much more than just queuing and safety equipment.  With all of the features available, Retracta-Belt posts can be integrated as key marketing devices that develop brand awareness and create revenue opportunities for your organization.

The newest product released by Visiontron is truly changing the way organizations approach branding with Retracta-Belts.  Advanced Stanchions is very proud to present the Retracta-Banner.

Visiontron Retracta-Banner | Advanced Stanchions


The Retracta-Banner is a 48" W x 33" H banner onto which we can print any brand imaging or messaging your organization needs, making it among the largest canvases for in-queue marketing opportunities.  Not only does the space itself provide great advertising and promotional opportunities, but the banners themselves are replaceable, allowing you to rotate messages as needed.  Aside from organic branding opportunities, many public venues with which we work use the banners to sell ad space for set periods.  This allows them to optimize the usage of their stanchions and also makes the Retracta-Banner an investment that pays for itself.

Visiontron Retracta-Banner | Advanced Stanchions  Visiontron Retracta-Banner | Advanced Stanchions  Visiontron Retracta-Banner | Advanced Stanchions


Many organizations already have stanchions in place.  Thanks to a universal attachment clip, the Retracta-Banner does not require and special adapters to integrate with existing equipment.  The banner attachments are compatible with every major stanchion brand, so if your posts are already in good condition, you can simply order the Retracta-Banner and impact your branding immediately.

Assembling the Retracta-Banner requires no tools and is incredibly easy.  When done with your event, or whenever you are ready to store these away, you only have to unsnap the collars from the bases of the posts and fully retract the banner.  During your events, you can also adjust the height of the banner and effortlessly lock it into your desired height.  The Retracta-Banner itself weighs 8 lbs, making it lightweight and easy to move.  All of these features of the Retracta-Banner provide the simplicity of our Custom Printed Belts with the large, dynamic branding presence of our Post N Panel systems.

If you would like to know more about how Advanced Stanchions and the Visiontron Retracta-Banner can improve your branding efforts and create more revenue opportunities for your organization, please contact a member of our Stanchion Team at 844-831-8400 or through email at

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