July 14 2015 Tuesday at 10:17 PM

Solutions for Success: NEW Retracta-Belt G4 Series Leads a New Era of Crowd Control Equipment

Our Stanchion Team is proud to formally unveil some of the newest products to join Visiontron's already impressive portfolio of Made in the USA options.  The appropriately named G4 Series represents a new fourth generation of Retracta-Belt products that are the result of constant innovation.  Each of these new products is an evolution of previous Visiontron Retracta-Belt designs.  Visiontron understands that to truly provide exceptional products and continued long-term service, they must always be assessing the ever-changing environments in which these products are being used and constantly introducing new products that will help customers adapt to and grow with these changes.  We at Advanced Stanchions share this philosophy of Customer Service and Product Innovation, and we are very glad to present these new options.

In this article, we will focus on three new products that are included in this G4 Series release: the 3 Inch Wide Retracta-Belt, the G4 Value Series, and the Retracta-Wheel.

3 Inch Wide Retracta-Belt:



Over the years, Visiontron has excelled at creating custom solutions for a wide variety of markets and industries.  One of the most common ways for organizations to customize their equipment is to print custom messages or branding on the belts.  Traditionally, an industry standard belt is 2" wide.  With the new G4 Retracta-Belt, customers can choose to have a 3" x 10' wide belt, providing extra space for messaging or giving you more room to fully represent your branding.  With Silk Screen Belts and Dye Sublimated printing options, we are able to anything from simple one-color custom text messages to elaborate multi-color designs.  For more information about how you can brand your stanchions, contact our Stanchion Team at (844) 831-8400 or email us at info@advancedstanchions.com.

G4 Retracta-Belt Value Series:

 Visiontron G4 Retracta-Belt Premium Value Series | Advanced Stanchions   Visiontron G4 Retracta-Belt Premium Value Series | Advanced Stanchions

For customers who just need a simple, clean solid colored belt to block off an area or provide line queuing for an event, we offer the G4 Retracta-Belt Value Series.  Available in three different finishes (Black Aluminum, Polished Aluminum, and Satin Aluminum) and three different belt colors (Black, Blue, Red), the Value Series is a great option for customers looking for cost effective equipment that still has many of the great features of the Retracta-Belt line.  With cast iron bases, these G4 Value Series posts have a longer life cycle than products with Stainless Steel bases filled with cement, such as the Retracta-Belt PRIME line.  For more information on which product line is best suited for your particular needs or function, please contact our Stanchion Team at (844) 831-8400 or email us at info@advancedstanchions.com.



One of the features of the Retracta-Belt series that has always generated positive feedback is the option to add wheels to any of the Retracta-Belt premium products' bases.  Now, Visiontron has released this new generation of Retracta-Wheel, a unique addition to your Retracta-Belt posts that provides the transportation benefits of wheels while also being able to tuck the wheels away for during your events.  Older generations of wheels attached onto the base and thus changed the aesthetic and physical presence of the posts in use.  The Retracta-Wheel is a fantastic solution since it adds the functional benefit of wheels without having to compromise the aesthetic of the Retracta-Belt unit itself.  For more information on adding the Retracta-Wheel to your Retracta-Belts, please contact our Stanchion Team at (844) 831-8400 or email us at info@advancedstanchions.com.

We at Advanced Stanchions are excited about this newest line of products from Visiontron. There are still many more innovations on the way! If you are interested in more information about our newest upcoming products, please stay in touch with our Solutions for Success here on AdvancedStanchions.com or reach out and a member of our Stanchion Team will gladly get you information specific to your organization's needs.

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