August 15 2015 Saturday at 02:35 PM

Solutions For Success: NEW Visiontron Storage Carts Provide Maximum Efficiency

For years, Visiontron has provided the industry's most reliable and efficient storage carts.  A little over a year ago, we introduced Visiontron's industry-unique updated Vertical storage cart along with its at-the-time current storage options.  Now, we are proud to debut Visiontron's next generation of Crowd Control Storage and Transportation.  More than just updated storage carts, this new product line provides a greater storage capacity than any other storage cart or rack in the market and also introduces a means to have your storage cart grow with your organizations needs.

Deluxe Storage Cart

Visiontron Deluxe Storage Cart Full | Advanced Stanchions    Visiontron Deluxe Storage Cart Empty | Advanced Stanchions

The new Deluxe Storage cart can hold a maximum 24 stanchions!  This is six more than the industry average storage cart and three more than Visiontron's previous deluxe storage cart.  With measurements of 45"L x 34.5"W x 81"H when fully equipped with stanchions, this cart takes up less than 4 sq. ft. of storage space, and the ability to stack up to 81"H allows you to utilize your floor space more efficiently than with an industry standard cart.  Padded surfaces protect the finishes on your posts and also provide extra "gripping" to make sure your stanchions stay on effectively.  

Mini Storage Cart:

Visiontron Mini Horizontal Post Storage Cart | Advanced Stanchions  Visiontron Mini Horizontal Post Storage Cart | Advanced Stanchions


For organizations with fewer stanchions or the need to transport smaller "batches" of posts to numerous event groupings, the Mini Storage cart is ideal, holding up to 12 stanchions.  Built using the same bottom frame as the Deluxe Cart, the 12 Post Mini Cart has fully equipped dimensions of 45"L x 34.5" x 45"H, making a great fit for any size organization.

Let Your Storage Capacity Grow with your Needs:

As your organization's needs grow and you add more stanchions to your inventory, you will also need to account for them in your storage area(s).  While other industry "solutions" would require you to spend more capital expenditures on brand new carts, Visiontron offers a simple, logical solution. As mentioned above, the 12 Post Mini Car is built using the same bottom frame as the Deluxe Cart. If your organization already has our 12 Post Mini Cart, all you have to do is order a 12 Post Top Extension to turn your existing cart into a 24 Deluxe Storage Cart!  

Installation for any of these options is incredibly simple, requiring about a half hour by one or two people, compared to up to an hour and a half for other industry standard carts.  We include all tools and hardware needed as well, so no need to waste time looking for tools and parts.

Another great feature about these new storage carts is that they are fully compatible with all manufacturers' retractable or conventional stanchions up to 2.75" in diameter.  This makes it easier to integrate this system with your existing inventory, and saves you the hassle of having to settle for an inferior product.

Visiontron Storage Cart Flyer | Advanced Stanchions


For more information about these new Storage Carts or any of our other products, please contact our Stanchion Team today at (844) 831-8400 or email us at  

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